ERAust FAQ's
Frequently Asked Questions of ERAust:

Where is ERAust based?
ERAust is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Who is ERAust?
Andrew Butler and Tim Butler.

Why don't ERAust have an ABN?
ERAust was started and still is a hobby in spare time outside of normal business hours. The Australian Tax Office ruling in relation to ABN's and hobbyists, "an ABN is not required if the supply is made in the supplier's private capacity, or as their hobby" and as such we are happy to provide a "Reason for not supplying an ABN" statement.

Who is ERAust's preferred ISP?
ERAust's preferred ISP is Labyrinth Connections.

How long does an ERAust Site Award take?
Between two and four weeks. Our day jobs come first, ERAust Website works second, family, friends, etc, etc, and at the end of the que are the ERAust Site Awards.