Some Miracles of St Nectarios
Metropolitan of Pentapolis

Saint Nectarios, Metropolitan of Pentapolis, attained the same enviable level of sainthood as the great luminaries and Saints of our Church. He did not ascend upon pillars, nor did he withdraw to hermitages, nor did he contend with cruel persecutions and tragic tortures, like those great combatants of our holy religion, the Martyrs. What we can say is that his whole life was nothing else than a continuous doxology to God, and a tireless effort and assiduous concern to benefit suffering society morally and religiously. He lived in the world, but was not, as the Saviour says, of the world. He trod on the earth yet conducted himself like a citizen of heaven. He had the form of man, but lived like an angel. He was clothed with flesh, but was a strict keeper and guardian of chastity. He associated with various kinds of persons, but spoke as a spiritual man, alien to the present world. He was transported by sublime ideals and warmed by the aspiration for moral perfection, and hence he abided in a state of inner calm and blessedness. His was a peacemaking holiness, inspired by evangelical virtue and meditation on the eternal Kingdom of God.

St Nectarios surrendered his spirit to the Lord on November 9, 1920 at the age of seventy-four.

Some Miracles of Saint Nectarios


During the last days of his life, the Saint was in the room for the incurables of the hospital, among many poor patients who were at the point of death. Beside his bed there was a patient who was paralysed for years. As soon as the Saint gave up his spirit, a nurse of the hospital together with the nun who had accompanied the Saint, began to prepare the holy body for transportation to Aegina and burial. When they removed the old sweater of the Saint, they placed it for convenience on the bed of the paralytic and continued preparing the body. Strangely, the paralytic patient at once became well and rose from his bed, praising the Lord. This was the first miracle after the repose of the Saint, through which God our Lord confirmed the sainthood of Nectarios.


Mrs. Anna loannou Katsounaki, a resident of Piraeus, relates the following: In 1949, I was operated on at the anticancer hospital "Saint Savvas" because I was suffering from cancer, and they removed my entire uterus. When the definite period of therapy was over, Doctor Papaconstantinou joyfully declared that I had now escaped from the danger of death. "Do not be afraid any longer," he said. "However, if you should ever see blood, then realise that your end has arrived, because it is a sign that cancer has appeared somewhere again and has produced a new malignant spot."

Eight years passed since then, when in May, 1957, I felt pains in my abdomen, which resulted in the appearance of blood one evening, that is, of that sign which was notifying me of my end. I spent all that night sitting in my bed and crying inconsolably. In the morning my sister Eleftheria and her husband Nicholas Mortzanos, returning from Aegina, where they had spent the Easter holy days, visited me at home. Although I wanted to conceal my misfortune, in order not to make them unhappy, my sister, seeing my pitiful state, insisted on learning what troubled me. As she insisted, my husband revealed the truth.

My sister at once, displaying no fear, but with composure and confidence, which she drew from her faith in the miracle worker Saint Nectarios, approached me and consoled me, saying:

"Don't be afraid, my sister. You believe in God and accept the many miracles of St. Nectarios which have taken place in our family."

At this point she took a small bottle from her handbag. containing oil from the sacred lamp (kandela) of Saint Nectarios, gave it to me and said: "

Take this and pray to the Saint to make you well. I shall pray, too. Daub your abdomen with this blessed oil of the Saint, and rest assured that in this way you shall become well."

I complied fully with her suggestion, prayed, sought the help of St. Nectarios. And behold the miracle! From that time my pains stopped, I felt well, and the flow of blood ceased. Blessed be the name of Saint Nectarios!


Miss Catherine Drettakis, a resident of 13 Strategou Koutouli Street, Koukaki, Athens, relates the following: My father, Emmanuel Drettakis, suffered from kidney stones. On July 17, 1962, he had a crisis of the kidneys. He went to the physician Androulakis and was examined. The latter said that stones had been formed and his condition was critical. Every day his condition became worse, and at the advice of the same physician he entered the Clinic "Precious Cross," on July 26, 1962. As soon as he was admitted, they tested his blood and found that the urea had reached 1.95. They made an X-ray examination of the kidneys and found that they were swollen and thus the flow of urine was blocked. The physician told us that an operation had to be performed on July 28, but my father entreated the doctor to postpone the operation, so he postponed it to July 30.

The afternoon before the operation, my father begged my mother to bring him some oil of Saint Nectarios. As soon as she brought it, he got up, prayed for five minutes, and drank it. The same evening I had a photograph of the Saint, which I placed on my pillow, and I prayed almost during the whole night to the Saint to restore my father's health.

After he took the oil, his water began to pass like a stream and simultaneously the stones began to come out one after the other. The next day, the blood and the urine were tested. They were normal; and my father returned home full of health, thanks to the miraculous power of the Saint.


The offspring of Selyvria and the guardian of Aegina, the true friend of virtue who didst appear in the last years, O Nectarios, we faithful honour thee as a godly servant of Christ, for thou pourest forth hearings of every kind for those who piously cry out: Glory to Christ Who hath glorified thee, Glory to Him who hath made thee wondrous. Glory to Him Who worketh healings for all through thee.