Our Third Annual Luncheon

On Sunday, the 27th September 1998, the Greek Orthodox Youth Association of Oakleigh held its Third Annual Luncheon. Despite all the problems associated with the preparation of the food due to the ‘gas crisis’, the Luncheon took place after the Divine Liturgy at the Community hall of Sts Anargiri. We wish to thank everyone who helped make this event a successful one. We particularly wish to thank all those people who helped us prepare for the Luncheon and those people who donated gifts, prizes or other items required. Thank you and God bless you all.


Read Speeches from the Luncheon :


Our cooks breath a sign of relief as the mammoth task of barbecuing for 150 people is all over.

The cooks in the kitchen prepare the food without the convenience of gas.

Those present at the luncheon enjoy the afternoon.